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Upgrade to Concern’s all-in-one mental health and employee wellbeing solution.

We deliver white-glove service and real value. Our approach improves employee focus, happiness, and engagement with work.

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Accessible Counseling

Concern removes barriers and streamlines counseling access.

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Meaningful Technology

Our proprietary digital platform helps employees feel better faster.

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Singular Capabilities

We offer transformative solutions for employees and organizations.

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Easy, confidential avenues for support.

Wellbeing. Done Well.

Employee wellbeing is what we do, and we do it all: Mental, emotional, financial, and social.

Support Every Step of the Way

Our comprehensive solutions engage employees early on, offering customized guided mindfulness, work-life balance, coaching, and counseling options to fit any level of need.

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Choice at Every Level

By offering choice at every level, we empower employees to find the help they need on their own terms. We remove barriers and provide multiple, easy, confidential avenues for support.

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Convenient access to skilled and responsive counselors.

Accessible Counseling

We ensure convenient access to skilled and responsive counselors through digital counselor matching and multiple modalities.

Concern's proprietary algorithms deliver personalized care recommendations to online counselors or our own national provider network. And, our unique concierge program helps employees make and keep counseling appointments.

How We Ensure Quality Access

Top-to-Bottom Company Support

We help at all organizational levels from leadership on down, and employees on up.

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Employees Face Unprecedented Stress.
Are you backing them up?

Era-defining crises, including the COVID-19 pandemic, global conflict, racial injustice, political instability, climate disasters, and escalating financial pressures continue to impact employees and their families.

Psychological science shows that such long-term stress exacerbates mental and physical health challenges, reduces resilience, and negatively impacts life satisfaction and engagement at work.

The State of Mental Health Now

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    Adults aged 18-24 have a mental health diagnosis

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    Adults aged 35-44 experienced an increase in mental health diagnosis, up from 35% in 2019

Employees Expect Mental Health Support from Their Employers

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    Americans view mental health as important as physical health

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    Americans list employers' support of mental health as an important consideration in future job decisions

Make a Difference

We've developed our customized, all-in-one wellbeing solutions through many decades of experience and innovation. Our comprehensive approach includes more program and support options and multiple innovative ways for employees to engage our programs and connect with care for increased utilization and wellbeing.

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A Powerful Digital Guide as Personal as It Is Practical

Concern's exclusive, intuitive digital platform provides meaningful support to every employee. After a short intake using validated clinical surveys, employees receive customized resources through a personalized dashboard. From self-help tools and counselor matching to coaching options and more, we optimize options to give employees just what they need, when they need it.

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team Support

What Top-to-Bottom Support Means for You

Every member of your organization needs help with life's challenges - both personal and professional. In addition to promoting emotional wellbeing for all, Concern supports organizational leaders through Management and HR Consultations, Critical Incident Response (CIR), Training, Facilitated Groups, and more.

Concern is there for your entire organization in crisis and in calm with customized programs developed by experts to deliver results.

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More than ever, employees want a workplace that cares about their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Concern makes it possible.

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