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Replace your EAP with Concern’s all-in-one mental health and employee wellbeing solution

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Stress and burnout are on the rise. Employee wellbeing programs are your best defense. Read more

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Wellbeing. Done Well.

Employee wellbeing is what we do; mental, emotional, financial, and social.

Help at Every Stage

Our comprehensive solutions engage employees early-on, offering customized self-help, life balance, and counseling options to fit any level of acuity.

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Accessible and Appealing

We remove stigma and provide multiple, easy avenues for support, empowering employees to find the help they need on their terms.

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Elite Counseling Network

We choose our providers for their quality and willingness to help, while continual collaboration ensures effective, evidence-based treatment.

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Top to Bottom Company Support

We help at all organizational levels from leadership on down, and employees on up.

How We Support Your Organization
Keeping Up

The Workplace Has Changed.
Have your benefits kept up?

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Employees Face Bigger Challenges

40 million people experience anxiety disorders in the US* and 40% of office workers suffer from burnout, driving 50% annual workforce turnover**.

Employees Need and Want Help

Over 70% of younger workers are comfortable seeking counseling, and half of them would discuss their emotional wellbeing with others, but 56% say they can't afford proper care***.

Concern Can Make the Difference

We've developed our customized, all-in-one wellbeing approach through 34+ years of experience and innovation. Our comprehensive approach works, with employees declaring improved engagement, focus, and life satisfaction after engaging Concern services.

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Wellbeing resources

Concern’s Digital Guide Brings it All Together

Concern’s exclusive support platform guides employees to highly-personalized care recommendations through a simple, digital intake. From topical multi-media content and digital therapeutics to a list of premier counselors matched to each user's needs, Concern provides an optimal blend of wellbeing resources for every employee.

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Organizational and manager support

What We Mean by Top to Bottom Support

Every member of your organization needs help with life's challenges - both personal and professional. In addition to promoting emotional wellbeing for all, Concern supports organizational leaders through Management and HR Consultations, Critical Incident Response (CIR), Training and Facilitated Groups, and more.

Concern is there for your entire organization in crisis and in calm. And, our organizational support programs are developed by experts to deliver results.

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Today’s employees are ready to work on their emotional wellbeing.

Concern makes it possible.

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