Our Singular Capabilities

Transformative services and support for employees and organizations alike.

Optimized Wellbeing Solutions That Stand the Test of Time

Finding a comprehensive program that provides all the mental and emotional wellbeing services employees need and expect can be overwhelming. Concern does the heavy lifting for you. We:

Aggregate a wide variety of quality, evidence-based support options.

Collaborate with organizations to find the perfect balance of services customized for their unique employee populations.

Pull it all together through proprietary technology that streamlines access and improves engagement.

Provide white-glove service through every interaction.

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More Options Curated for Better Outcomes

From top down to bottom up, Concern meets the full scope of emotional and mental wellbeing needs for your employees, their families, and your organization.

Counseling Services

Free, confidential, evidence-based counseling helps build coping skills for real-world issues. Whether in-person or via telephone, video, text, or chat Concern connects employees and their dependents with a provider who best meets their needs.

Available options include custom-built specialized counselor panels for emergency responders and facilitated support groups for crisis-hit healthcare units.

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Our experienced and certified coaches guide meaningful change by collaborating with employees to enact a plan to reach physical and emotional wellbeing goals.

Set priorities, clarify values, and overcome challenges around:

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Burnout
  • Sleep
  • Work-life Balance
  • Healthy Eating
  • Mental Fitness
  • Weight Management
  • Exercise
  • Chronic Pain
  • Compassion Fatigue

Guided Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness benefits both physical and emotional wellbeing. Concern members have full access to eM Life—an entire suite of evidence-based, live and on-demand solutions to build and sustain healthy habits. Examples include:

  • Improving focus and productivity at work
  • Better living with diabetes
  • Cultivating compassion
  • Overcoming addictive behaviors
  • Quitting smoking
  • Living well with chronic pain
  • Combating compassion fatigue
  • Practicing better self-care

Work-Life Resources and Referrals

Life doesn't pause when work begins. Worries over financial, legal, and family matters can impact employees' life satisfaction and their ability to focus at work.

Concern's work-life resources provide practical guidance and solutions for life's expected and unexpected events, helping employees find a happier balance at home and less distraction at work.

  • financial Financial consultations and calculators for tax preparation, debt management, retirement planning, and more
  • leagal Legal consultations and templates for estate planning, domestic relations, civil law matters, and more
  • protection Identity theft protection services
  • adult care Adult care resources
  • parenting Parenting and childcare referrals

Curated Digital Resources

Effective digital resilience tools educate and empower employees to build emotional wellbeing. Self-help content engages employees early - as a standalone solution or a supplement to counseling or coaching through:

  • Videos
  • Toolkits
  • How-to Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Apps
  • Assessments
  • Podcasts

Integrated 3rd Party Solutions

Developing an effective wellbeing program can require employers to juggle multiple point-solutions. Concern provides a better alternative by researching and integrating an optimal blend of 3rd party solutions to increase choice and extend care options.

  • financial Choose from our comprehensive list of curated apps and partners to customize options.
  • leagal We can feature other digital point solutions you offer through our digital platform to create a one-stop wellbeing hub for your employees and their families.
  • protection Rest securely knowing that all Concern's innovative partner solutions are evidence-based and chosen for their quality, efficacy, and ease of engagement.

Top to Bottom Organizational Support

Your organization's leaders grapple with personal and professional challenges too. Concern makes sure managers and executives have the tools they need to promote wellbeing for themselves and the employees who depend on them.

  • Management and HR Consultations
  • Training and Facilitated Groups
  • Critical Incident Response
  • Supervisor Referrals
  • Orientation Videos
  • Engaging Promotional Campaigns
  • Results-oriented Account Executive

Changing Lives through Meaningful Technology

Concern’s proprietary digital platform, accessible from phone, tablet, or computer, offers easy, confidential access that encourages members to seek help earlier and more often.

  • Simple Digital Assessment
  • Tailored Recommendations for Just Right Service and Support
  • Client-Counselor Matching
  • Multiple Counseling Options
  • Guided Mindfulness Training
  • Dynamic, Personalized Dashboard
  • Coaching for Growth and Change
  • Curated Partner Apps and Self-Help Tools
  • Earlier intervention via the digital platform prevents issues from escalating, helping members to feel better faster while supporting a more resilient and engaged workforce.
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More than ever, employees want a workplace that cares about their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Concern makes it possible.

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