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Why Concern?

We help companies attract and retain talent, increase productivity and improve overall employee health and well-being.

Why Industry Leaders Choose Concern

For over thirty years, Concern has been the go to partner for some of the most recognizable and forward-thinking companies in the world. Concern provides a time-tested, customer-focused partner that helps foster healthy, resilient employees. We get to know every client to determine their unique needs, business goals and challenges, and apply our industry expertise and ingenuity to build custom programs and services.
Our resources, clinical expertise and talented staff make us an ideal choice for organizations that want to improve their business performance by elevating their workforce. We can help you attract and retain more employees who will work more productively and enjoy greater overall health and well-being.

Robust Benefits

As a standalone wellbeing services partner, Concern is able to offer comprehensive, highly customizable benefits packages tailored to your organization's needs and goals.


We offer real help from real experts, real fast. A personalized, comprehensive approach—like that provided by Concern—has been shown to deliver ROI of up to $10 for every $1 invested.


Our services and resources provide immediate access to user-friendly online tools and experienced clinical professionals, 24/7/365.

Personalized and Interactive

Our programs are tailored to reach and engage each individual employee, driving participation and self-improvement.

Improved Employee Morale

We help employees find relief and practice solutions that build resilience and self-confidence to help improve their quality of life.

Service and Support Satisfaction

One-hundred percent of our corporate clients report an "Excellent" or "Very Good" chance they would recommend Concern to other organizations.

What makes us different?

Organizational Risk

By engaging employees to develop resilience and coping techniques early on, Concern effectively prevents regularly occurring, behavior-based situations and conditions from becoming serious - and expensive - workplace issues.

Benefit Cost

The majority of employee issues can be resolved by Concern and personal interactions with our qualified counselors who are experienced in assessment and solution-focused counseling, reducing the need to engage in more expensive health plan resources.

Workplace Performance

Our comprehensive programs and practical tools are built to develop real-world coping and resilience skills that help improve employee focus, reduce absenteeism, and increase well-being.

  • Easy Access, Fast Response

    We provide HIPAA compliant online and telephonic access to counseling and work/life support. Appointment scheduling and priority escalation for distressed callers is never more than a phone call or mouse click away.

  • Measureable Outcomes

    We deliver an evidence-based approach, using our Workplace Outcomes Suite (WOS) to measure results and drive program improvement.

  • We Empower Our Staff for Your Satisfaction

    Our "Get to the Solution" culture enables clinical managers and account executives to avoid support delays, delivering a higher level of customer service and satisfaction.

  • Clinical Foundation

    Our clinical managers are experts in organizational behavior and are immediately available to respond to crisis situations, workplace conflict, troubled employees and performance issues.

  • Convenient and Accessible Network

    Our robust online resources, such as LifeAdviser and the Resilience Hub™, motivate and engage employees to improve.

  • Guidance At Your Fingertips

    Our nationwide network of loyal and experienced counselors allows us to respond whenever and wherever needed, delivering protocol-driven, customized services on a global scale.

  • Nimble and Flexible

    We work in a global arena, delivering large scale, protocol-driven services worldwide, but are nimble enough to tailor programs to satisfy every customer's needs.

Our Signature Services

With our comprehensive list of service offerings and dedication to face-to-face counseling and account management, we deliver a powerful combination of choice, customization and responsiveness...all geared to improving organizational agility and employee resilience.


Free, confidential counseling when you need a licensed, experienced professional
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Life Balance

Resources that help prepare for life's expected and unexpected events
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Resilience Tools

Personal growth resources to help employees build resilience and wellness
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Training, management, development and crisis support tools for managers
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Managing Your
Wellbeing Program

Tools to help employers and managers engage Concern services and track results
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