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ID Theft Response Services

Identify Theft is a serious crime that can be tremendously disruptive—even traumatic—on several levels. It can not only drain your bank account, it can drain you emotionally.

While the act often happens in the blink of an eye, it can take months for you to emerge whole, with your identity, finances, reputation and, perhaps most importantly, your mental health intact. Concern’s ID Theft Response Service provides prompt, expert assistance. Remember, the greatest danger is inaction.

Concern’s ID Theft Response Service will pair you with a Fraud Resolution Specialist for a free consultation of up to 60 minutes. You’ll learn how to:

  • Respond immediately to suspicious situations
  • Get free professional help immediately
  • Stay informed with your latest account activity
  • Make your case and dispute fraudulent charges
  • Control your future with prevention techniques
  • Go the extra mile with Concern's Full Recovery Service

You can download the ID Theft Response Service Overview for more information.

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