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Healthy & Resilient Workplace

To help your organization build a resilient work-force, Concern designed our new Healthy and Resilient Workplace Initiative. We found many ways to develop resilience, and, after much research, chose to structure our offering on a foundation of physical, mental, and emotional well-being, with an emphasis on six key strategies.

  • Physical. Make health a priority.
  • Emotional. Draw on social support networks, and increase emotional intelligence.
  • Mental. Rethink stressors, focus on what you can control, and practice mindful self-awarness

Concern will provide you with a variety of resilience tools including a workshop, brown-bag seminars, monthly newsletters and tip posters. Each month, we will introduce a different strategy that will inspire new habits to sustain positive change. We can help you tailor activities specific to your organization’s unique needs.

When you distribute the monthly newsletter to your employees, and support participation in recommended seminars, you are incorporating health and resilience into your culture. It’s that easy.

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