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Effective leadership requires vision, skill and the ability to motivate. There are also more subtle requirements, such as an understanding of what makes each team member tick, and an ability to detect friction before it escalates into a problem that undermines cohesion and focus. Concern's Workplace Performance practice enables you to hone your leadership skills and improve your ability to manage complex employee issues, to prevent/resolve workplace conflict, and to increase overall team performance.

HR / Management Consultation Services. Helps managers, supervisors, and Human Resources and Employee Relations professionals respond to employees struggles with work performance, personal or family concerns.

Change Management Services. Plan for, communicate, and implement change, such as mergers, staff reductions, department reorganizations, and prepare the workforce for all aspects of organizational transition.

Conflict Resolution. Provides organizational development consultants to help prevent/resolve conflicts within or between departments.

Management Seminars. Two-hour educational seminars help managers and supervisors develop, lead, and motivate winning teams, reduce stress, and stay current with mandatory trainings.

Strategic Planning. Collaborate with a Concern consultant to leverage Concern's Workforce Performance resources for your entire organization.

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