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Life comes with its share of ups and downs. Most of these situations we can handle on our own or with the support of family or friends. Sometimes though, we need the help of an experienced consultant. Seeking help in these moments is one of the smartest things we can do. Thanks to Concern’s Counseling Support Services, it’s also an easy thing to do.

Concern offers confidential, free, short-term counseling for employees and their family members. Counseling is available in-person or over video. Either way, our compassionate counselors use a problem solving approach to understand an issue, develop and implement a real-world solution.

Life Balance Services

Resources that help prepare for life’s expected and unexpected events

Life is varied and complex. And it gets even more so as we take on an ever-expanding array of responsibilities and obligations—both at work and in our personal lives. Sometimes it’s hard to know where work ends and life begins. As the lines become blurred and your stress levels rise, you may find that you are unable to perform effectively, and that there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Do you need help navigating a major life event, such as starting a family or buying a home? Maybe you are having trouble finding a competent attorney, or you need a financial consultant? Whatever comes your way, Concern’s confidential counseling and life balance solutions are always convenient and available. We’re here to help you balance the demands of career and personal life, and to pursue both to their fullest.

Personal Resilience Tools

Personal growth resources to help employees build resilience and wellness

Thanks to a hyper-connected workplace, employees are able to get more done than ever before. Although it’s a great thing for career and company, a constantly plugged-in environment brings with it new challenges and levels of stress.

Stress is a part of life and work. The good news is that with the proper tools and guidance, employees can not only manage stress, but actually harness it to propel their growth, development and wellness.

The secret to harnessing stress is building resilience. Concern’s Workplace Resilience Tools provide employees with guided help, engaging multi-media content and useful toolkits that help them create their own personalized resilience strategy. With that strategy, they can better manage many common stress-related health issues, resulting in better health and life balance satisfaction.

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