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LifeAdviser 2020 Live Webinar Series

September 2020 :: Fixing Our Broken Sleep

In this webinar, you will learn techniques for overcoming common sleep problems like "trouble falling asleep", "difficulty staying asleep", "excessive thinking", "waking too early", "Sunday night insomnia", "chronic insomnia" "shift-work difficulties" and "daytime sleepiness". You will hear about the latest population studies and the latest scientific discoveries of the foundational relationship between sleep and all areas of health. This hands-on presentation has helped many people to begin getting better sleep almost immediately. Guided relaxation exercises teach techniques for initiating sleep and returning to sleep.

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2020 Archive

January 2020 :: Mindful Meal Planning

Most of us would like to eat healthier, but cost can be a major deterrent. By investing a small amount of time and effort in Mindful Meal Planning, you can easily save 30 percent on your family's food bill. In this fun and informative workshop, you will learn how the simple strategies of meal planning can save them time, stress, and money when it comes eating healthy. Topics covered include: Meal Planning Basics, Why Your Freezer is Your Best Friend, Time Saving Food Prep Tips, and Save Money While Eating Healthy.

February 2020 :: Understanding Forgiveness

Most of us know that internalizing anger, resentment and grudges creates a negative impact on wellbeing. While many of us want to release negative feelings towards others, we struggle with how to do it. Forgiveness doesn’t mean giving someone a pass. Forgiveness means releasing yourself. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how holding onto anger hurts us, how anger and resentment manifest in our minds and bodies, and how to take concrete steps towards lasting forgiveness. We’ll offer skills and tools for a more peaceful mindset.

March 2020 :: Understanding Forgiveness

In any work setting, unprofessional, disrespectful and disruptive behavior creates a milieu of negativity at the workplace which impacts morale, productivity and job satisfaction. Everyone must establish professional respectful relationships with colleagues and supervisors. In this webinar, we will focus on what it means to be a professional and address negative behaviors. We will discuss how to respectfully communicate with one another.

April 2020 :: Birth Order: Behavioral Traits that Affect Your Life and Work

Most of us have heard the long-held theory that birth order has an impact on who we are as an adult. Studies have indicated there is a great deal of truth to that theory. In this webinar, we will learn how our birth order affects our behavioral style, how it affects us at work, and how to affects our relationships. We will share tools to help us interact with friends, family and colleagues based on their birth order.

May 2020 :: Identity Theft: What Can You Do About It?

Identity Theft is the fastest growing crime in America. Over 15 million consumers were victims of identity theft or fraud in 2017. The average fraud amount per victim was $1,038. In this webinar, you will learn what identity theft is and how to prevent it. What you should watch out for in your email? What about suspicious text messages? Learn the red flags. And know what to do if it happens to you.

June 2020 :: Diversity in the Workplace

In today's workplace, employers have a large pool of talent to select from when hiring. But this variety brings unique challenges of its own when it comes to creating an equal opportunity workplace. This includes hiring people from all walks of life: different races, religions, languages, lifestyles, and many other unique characteristics. For your organization to succeed, everyone needs to be on the same page and working towards the same goal. This training is designed to assist in creating cultural awareness and inclusion for all employees.

July 2020 :: The Sandwich Generation: Multi-Generational Caregiving

Are you taking care of your children and your parents? Many middle-aged people find themselves caring for both ends of the age spectrum - helping both their children and their parents navigate finances, social lives and changes in capacity for independence. This kind of caretaking can cause burnout and exhaustion. This webinar will review the phenomenon of the sandwich generation and how we can better manage the needs of our changing families. We'll discuss ways to have productive conversations with aging parents about their needs, ways to troubleshoot burn out as a caregiver and how to keep your own family running smoothly.

August 2020 :: Stay Motivated: Tips for Leveraging Your Super Power

It’s easy enough to set a goal. But when it comes to habit changes like improving your diet, exercising more, or trying harder to meet new people, sustaining change can feel impossible. This webinar will teach the 3-part theory of human motivation. You’ll identify your motivational style (e.g. your super power!) and learn strategies that will keep you motivated so you can achieve any goal.

2019 Archive

Archived – January 2019 :: Do Your Bucket List: 7 Ways to Up Your Focus on Things that Matter

Whether it's running an iron man, meeting somebody, or losing ten pounds, we all have that next thing we want to accomplish in life. But it's so easy to lose focus on personal growth in the rush of daily life. Get inspired and get practical with these seven strategies to increase your focus on that next bucket list item. Life without regrets is possible, you just need to get focused.

Archived – February 2019 :: Tax Saving Strategies

Review step-by-step the different sections of the 1040 and how you can maximize savings. What is the difference between a tax deduction and a credit? How can I minimize taxes? Give yourself a raise! Learn more about smart tax planning.

Archived – March 2019 :: Resilience in Times of Change

Change is an inevitable part of life. Sometimes it hits us unexpectedly and other times it comes as a consequence of a decisionwe made. Either way, change can be scary if we aren’t prepared to be flexible and resilient in the face of it. Especially in the workplace, organizational change can impact individual employee’s performance and productivity.

Archived – April 2019 :: Clear Your Clutter: A Comprehensive Guide

Is your kitchen table covered in unopened mail? Is your bedroom floor covered in clothing? Is your basement a total disaster? Living with clutter is exhausting. Learning how to approach clutter can feel daunting. This webinar will offer specific, strategic ways to approach clearing it and staying organized! We'll go room-by-room to help you have an organized and restful home.

Archived – May 2019 :: Letting Your Emotions Interfere with Eating

How many times do you eat simply because you are bored or need comfort? We often tend to not even notice why we are eating and many times it's not because we are hungry, but rather our emotions are coming into play. Excessive stress, not sleeping well, anxiety, and needing emotional comfort lead many of us to the refrigerator or to the snack pantry leaving us with unwanted weight gain, health issues, and lowered self-esteem. Learn how to identify when you are eating emotionally and what your triggers may be. Learn how not to use food to fulfill an emotional void in this engaging, introspective webinar.

Archived – June 2019 :: Master Your Mind: Emotional and Physical Health Connections

You get upsetting news and suddenly feel sick to your stomach. You're nervous about a big meeting and you begin to sweat, your heart races. Examples of the mind-body connection are endless. Particularly helpful for those living with chronic illness or other health challenges, this dynamic session provides strategies that employ the mind to lessen chronic pain, reduce depression associated with physical ailments, improve health outcomes, and more. You'll learn about the latest research findings and gain techniques to help you feel your best, both mentally and physically.

Archived – July 2019 :: Uncovering Unconscious Beliefs

We all have unconscious beliefs or preconceived ideas. While this is normal, it's important to recognize that they can negatively impact our behavior and relationships, on both a personal and professional level. During this session, we'll show you how to tune in and bring these beliefs to the surface so that they don't get in your way. Awareness is key to setting yourself up for success.

Archived – August 2019 :: Mastering the Business of Workplace Etiquette

From basic manners to cultural differences and more, it's very difficult to succeed without a certain awareness of etiquette in the workplace and what we don't know can hurt us. During this lively session, we will identify common pitfalls and show you how to avoid them. We will also review strategies to help you shine and leave a lasting impression.

Archived – September 2019 :: Funding College: 5 Steps Every Family Can Use to Build a Successful Plan

When it comes to paying for college, every dollar counts and families need a simple process to follow. In this terrific webinar, college expert Dan Bisig will share five steps every family can use to build their funding plan. Dan will share the most popular funding options available so that parents are equipped to have the "money talk" with their college-bound children.

Archived – October 2019 :: 5 Strategies to Actually Enjoy the Holidays This Year

So often, the holidays are depicted as a time of blissful good cheer and family connection. Why do so many of us feel busy, pressured, or lonely each year instead? You have the power to do it differently this time around, no matter what the holidays hold for you. All you need is a strategy-one that actually works. This webinar will share five tips to actually enjoy the holidays this year and will guide you in creating a customized plan to apply them to your personal holiday situation. Let the festivities begin!

Archived – November 2019 :: Money is Emotional: Prevent Your Heart from Hijacking Your Wallet

Contemporary professional demands not only cause stress, but chronic stress. Stress contributes to the development of myriad physical and mental health conditions including (but not limited to) hypertension, diabetes, depression and anxiety. Research suggests that up to two-thirds of American employees experience some degree of burnout. Burnout impacts productivity, morale, and financial and legal bottom lines due to the health-related costs of burnout.

Archived – December 2019 :: Putting Out the Fire: Preventing and Managing Burnout

Contemporary professional demands not only cause stress, but chronic stress. Stress contributes to the development of myriad physical and mental health conditions including (but not limited to) hypertension, diabetes, depression and anxiety. Research suggests that up to two-thirds of American employees experience some degree of burnout. Burnout impacts productivity, morale, and financial and legal bottom lines due to the health-related costs of burnout.

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