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The latest about mental health and wellness from the Times.

Mental Health and Disorders

A free collection of articles about mental health and disorders published in The New York Times.

Working-Class Families in Despair

Readers discuss an article about the high death rate from drug and alcohol abuse and suicide in the hometown of the columnist Nicholas Kristof.

Gracie Gold Skates to 12th Place and a Standing Ovation at U.S. Championships

Gold, the Olympian whose career was sidetracked by mental illness, was moved to tears as the audience saluted her in a significant comeback performance.

I Survived the Holocaust. But I Have Nightmares About Cats.

‘The incident in the steeple always stayed with me as the moment I realized I had to be afraid.’

An Adult’s Guide to Social Skills, for Those Who Were Never Taught

It’s a shame so few of us are taught the basics of how to interact constructively with each other. If you never were, we’re here to help.

Depression May Elevate Dementia Risk

A Swedish study found that men and women with depression were much more likely to develop dementia than their peers without depression.

The Death of Chintz

Mario Buatta, the king of the hoarders, gets unpacked.

How Much Racism Do You Face Every Day?

To see how your experience compares, answer some of the questions that were posed to 101 black teenagers as part of a study measuring the racism they face on a daily basis.

$8 Billion Verdict in Drug Lawsuit Is Reduced to $6.8 Million

A Philadelphia judge lowered the damages in a case that claimed Johnson & Johnson played down the risks of an antipsychotic drug.

Panicking About Your Kids’ Phones? New Research Says Don’t

A growing number of academics are challenging assumptions about the negative effects of social media and smartphones on children.

There Is a Fund for Everything. But Why?

Funds try to profit from cows, trade wars, sick pets and obese adults. But who really needs them?
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