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Mental Health and Disorders

A free collection of articles about mental health and disorders published in The New York Times.

She Begged Them to Take Away His Police Handgun. He Died Anyway.

New York is facing a record number of police suicides, but has lagged in mental health initiatives for troubled officers.

Acéptame como soy... aunque no sepa quién soy

Soy una mujer bipolar y por fin he aceptado que el desequilibrio químico en mi cerebro no tiene cura, como tampoco el amor.

What Lies in Suicide’s Wake

Along with everything else, I wasn’t prepared for the stigma of becoming a widow this way.

Should Students Get Mental Health Days Off From School?

Two states recently passed laws that allow students to take time off for their mental health. Do you wish your school gave you the option?

What People Say About the Economy Can Set Off a Recession

Big economic changes come when popular narratives mutate and spread, infecting the decisions of millions of people, the economist Robert J. Shiller says.

A Snapshot of Prescription Drug Use in Britain Sparks a Call for Alternatives

A study found that one in four adults took prescription medication for pain, anxiety, depression or insomnia. The findings were described as a call for alternatives to drugs.

Six Men Tell Their Stories of Sexual Assault in the Military

More than 100,000 men have been sexually assaulted in the military in recent decades. Shame and stigma kept the vast majority from coming forward to report the attacks. Six men are speaking out to break the silence.

My Best Friend Died by Suicide. I Wish I Had Seen the Warning Signs.

Neil was the toughest guy I knew in the Air Force. But no one taught us how to cope with PTSD.

What We Eat Makes a Big Difference

Poor diet contributes not only to obesity, but also to devastating amounts of anxiety and depression.

Los científicos apuestan por las drogas psicodélicas para tratar problemas de salud mental

La Universidad Johns Hopkins abrió un centro de investigaciones para estudiar científicamente a la “medicina psicodélica” y sus posibles usos en el tratamiento de enfermedades mentales.
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