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Nursing Home Safety Violations Put Residents At Risk, Report Finds

A federal audit of 19 California nursing homes released today found hundreds of violations of safety and emergency standards, putting vulnerable nursing home residents at increased risk of injury or death during a wildfire or other disaster.

Viewpoints: Like It Or Not, Warren’s ‘Medicare-For-All’ Plan Is Economically Feasible; Put Teens’ Health At Center Of Debate On Cracking Down On Vaping

Opinion writers weigh in on these health topics and others.

Research Roundup: Ethical Issues Of Genome Sequencing; Poor Sleep; Care For Young Transgender Patients

Each week, KHN compiles a selection of recently released health policy studies and briefs.

State Highlights: New York Becomes First State To Name Hospitals, Nursing Homes Treating Patients With Deadly Fungus; Dayton, Ohio’s Last Abortion Clinic Granted Operating License

Media outlets report on news from New York, New Hampshire, Ohio, Georgia, California, Maryland, Ohio, Iowa, Minnesota, and Florida.

Hospital Group Involved In ‘Project Nightingale’ Defends Actions As Covered Under A Business Clause Of HIPAA

Federal regulators have launched an investigation into Google's "Project Nightingale," in which the company was amassing health data on millions of patients without their knowledge. Ascension, the hospital group involved in the initiative, said that the project is covered by what’s known as a business associate agreement. Meanwhile, a new study confirms that Apple's smartwatches are able to accurately detect the most common type of irregular heartbeat.

Doctors Paint Dire Picture Of Climate Change’s Negative Health Effects On Children

A new report lays out health problems that will face the coming generations ranging from infectious diseases and worsening air pollution to rising temperatures and malnutrition.

Talking About Mental Health At Work Can Still Be Taboo, But That Costs Businesses In The End

Mental health issues that are kept hidden can be an expensive problem for businesses. Depression alone costs the U.S. economy $210 billion a year, half of which is shouldered by employers in the form of missed work and lost productivity.

Following Stark Report On Increase In Hate Crimes, Advocates Say Congressional Action Is Needed

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights says legislation is needed to incentivize police to report hate crimes. An FBI report this week showed the highest levels of violent hate crimes in the U.S. since 2001. In other public health news: alcohol, the pneumonic plague, trial results, gene editing, and texting while walking.

Flavored E-Cigarette Ban Passes House Subcommittee; Senators Want Information On Administration’s Plans

The movement in Congress over e-cigarettes comes as the nation awaits the Trump administration's decision on the matter.

As Boomers Age Out Of Caring For Adult Disabled Children, Health System Is Unprepared To Take Over In Their Place

The children were the first generation to be raised at home rather than in institutions. But as their parents age, families and advocates wonder what will happen to the vulnerable population. In other health industry news: sky-high medical bills, supply chain tweaks, hospital care at home, and more.
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