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Survey: Most employees want mix of remote, on-site work

Nearly 75% of employees in the US and five other countries would prefer a mix of on-site and remote work, according to a Slac -More- 

Pandemic fuels employee appreciation of benefits

Seventy-seven percent of employees say benefits are a key component of their compensation package, up from 67% in 2019, and 7 -More- 

Successful workplace wellness is personal, supportive

Workplace wellness programs should offer employees support and focus on their personal needs to be successful, writes Eric Ha -More- 

Life insurance firm plans to tap wearables to assess risk

Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance plans to use data from wearable fitness devices to predict mortality risk, potentially of -More- 

Improving one heart-healthy behavior can lower BP risk

Improving performance of even one of the American Heart Association's seven recommended heart-healthy behaviors can cut hyper -More- 

Study links lifestyle habits to hypertension risk

A study that included almost 3,000 US adults ages 45 and older found each 1 point gain in the score for following the America -More- 

Total red meat intake does not affect glycemic control

Changes in biomarkers of blood glucose control or inflammation was not affected by consumption of total red meat for 16 weeks -More- 

Pandemic may make teens vulnerable to eating disorders

Isolation and a loss of control in adolescents' lives caused by the pandemic make them particularly vulnerable to post-trauma -More- 

Diabetes, high BP linked to cognitive decline

A study in Nature Communications found that diabetes and high blood pressure negatively affect memory and thinking patterns,  -More- 

Va. district offers bags of groceries for pickup

Virginia's Prince William County School District, which continued online learning this fall due to COVID-19, switched from pr -More- 
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