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Employers Supervisor Referral FAQ

Question and answer primer for supervisor service referrals.

Your supervisor or manager is referring you to the CONCERN employee assistance program for help addressing work performance problems.

We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Please don’t hesitate to call for an appointment. Making an appointment is the first step in dealing with your work issues.

We also want to take the opportunity to answer questions that employees typically have about a supervisor referral to CONCERN:

Is this a disciplinary action? Am I required to go to CONCERN?

No. CONCERN is a resource available to both you and your supervisor. Your supervisor is making this referral as a way (perhaps one of several) to help you resolve your difficulties at work. Choosing to speak with a CONCERN counselor is up to you.

Why is this paperwork necessary?

To assist you, your counselor needs to understand why your supervisor has referred you to CONCERN. Your supervisor will go over the form with you and you can compare their view with your own when you meet with your counselor.

Will CONCERN share any information with my employer?

Only with your written permission will any information be given to your employer. Employees are asked to sign a limited release authorizing the counselor to inform your supervisor that you are coming to CONCERN. Discussions with your counselor remain confidential, except where required by law. Legally required exceptions to confidentiality include threats of serious bodily harm to yourself or others or suspected child or elder abuse.

What are the advantages of this referral to me?

Talking with a CONCERN counselor gives you an opportunity to identify and sort out the problems you are having at work and develop an action plan for solving them. Additionally, your CONCERN counselor can help you resolve conflicts with your supervisor.

How do I make an appointment?

Making an appointment is easy. Call CONCERN at 800-344-4222 and say that your supervisor has referred you.

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