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From the CONCERN: EAP Resilience Library

Making slight changes in the way you think can have a cumulative, positive effect on your outlook. Be mindful of your thoughts. Encourage those that are positive and optimistic. This will help you create perpetual patterns of thought that are more deeply rooted in happiness.

Move Past Negativity

  • Remember that everyone has personal struggles and you can never know for sure what motivates other people. Rather than judge their behavior, encourage them on their own paths to happiness.
  • Reserve drama for reality TV and minimize toxic relationships or destructive conversations in real-life. People who deliberately doubt, judge, and disrespect you aren’t always worthy of your long-term time and attention.

Focus on Forgiveness

  • Mistakes are inevitable. Don’t beat yourself up when you make them. Forgive yourself and focus on what you’ve learned from the situation instead.
  • Hanging on to past transgressions will only cloud your happy mindset. Let go of painful experiences from the past so that you can make room for new, joyful memories.

Pro Tip: Practice the art of forgiveness with REACH:

  • Recall the hurt in an objective way.
  • Empathize by trying to understand why someone hurt you from their point of view.
  • Altruistic gift of forgiveness; recall when you transgressed yourself and were forgiven.
  • Commit yourself to forgive.
  • Hold on to forgiveness, interrupting thoughts of anger by reminding yourself that you’ve forgiven.