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Happiness and health go hand in hand. Research shows a correlation between happiness levels and overall wellness with those who cultivate a more positive outlook enjoying richer and more fulfilling lives.

While it’s not realistic to expect every day to be the happiest day of your life, taking simple, thoughtful steps can add up to a greater sense of overall happiness and well-being. Happiness shouldn’t be forced or fabricated. Rather, we should look for ways to recognize and foster authentically happy moments in everyday life.

Access Happiness

It’s important to keep your sense of happiness personal and within reach. Take simple steps to emphasize the good feelings in your life and take time to let them sink in. Make choices based on what you feel is right, not what others expect of you. This will help you build a relevant and ongoing sense of happiness.

Own Your Confidence

  • Whether you’re an expert or a novice, allow yourself to feel the pride that comes with developing a skill.
  • When someone compliments you, let it sink in without debate. Accolades are good for the soul.

Embrace Contentment

  • Spend 30 – 60 extra seconds to absorb joyful moments
  • Balance ambition and thoughts about your future by taking time to appreciate where you are now and how far you’ve come.

Pro Tip: Make new choices rather than letting old ones define you. Don’t settle for relationships and situations that have already proven to be unworthy and aren’t creating authentic happiness. Choose to embrace change every day and be open to decisions that lead to new experiences.