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Feeling a bit sad? We all feel this way occasionally. Next time you need to turn around a bad day, try one of these proven tips to lift your mood and help you feel better.

  1. Honor your feelings. Allow yourself to feel your emotions without judgment.
  2. Make time for family and friends. Spending quality time with people you care about is beneficial to your wellbeing and can make a big difference when it comes to happiness.
  3. Get moving. Even mild exercise can lift your spirits. Aim for at least 20 minutes several times a week. If you're not up for a high-energy workout, find a leisure activity that you enjoy, like working in the garden or washing your car. Any physical activity that gets you moving can help improve your mood.
  4. Let the light in. Let sunlight stream in when you first wake up. If you work in a windowless space, step outside a few times throughout the day. People who get more light exposure during the day have less depression.
  5. Be grateful. Being grateful for even the simplest pleasures, like enjoying an unexpected message from a good friend, can lift your spirits. Write down a few things you are grateful for and begin to feel your mood shift.
  6. Change your physical environment. Get up. Go outside or walk into a different room. A change of scene helps you refocus and bring your mind to a better place.
  7. Nurture yourself. It's important to nurture yourself, no matter what the situation. Take a warm bath, schedule a massage, get some extra rest, or get lost in a good book. Find what works for you. Go ahead. You deserve it!

The next time you feel a little down, take some time for yourself. Practice one or more of these simple tips to help improve your mood and brighten your outlook. If feelings persist, consider calling CONCERN (800.344.4222) for additional support.