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Five Ways to Build Relationships at Work

Cultivate stronger workplace relationships to help you stay resilient individually and as a team

From the CONCERN: EAP Resilience Library

While relationships can sometimes seem like a source of conflict ("Mom, I can't call you every day!"), relationships with family, friends, and colleagues are often our most important resiliency assets. Spending time with people and sharing our feelings and experiences helps us to meet challenges in a healthier way. Check out these five tips for cultivating stronger workplace relationships to help you stay resilient individually and as a team:

  1. Treat people well. Be generous and respectful with co-workers. This not only makes life easier for others but the kindness and respect we show to others also usually comes back to us one way or another.
  2. Practice good listening skills. Give people your full attention. Ask questions to show you are trying to understand. Take note of people who you think are good listeners and emulate their approach.
  3. Don't cringe from conflict. Think of conflict as a normal part of human relationships rather than a sign of failure or crisis. Try to see situations from the other person's point of view so that you can look at the conflict in a more balanced way. In the aftermath of a conflict, be the one who takes steps to get a strained relationship back on track.
  4. Watch your words. Don't criticize co-workers in front of others, but be sure to praise them publicly. Admit your own mistakes and apologize. Forgive the mistakes of others.
  5. Stay inspired. Spend as much time as you can with people who inspire you and help you to feel resilient.
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