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Stanford Professor and social scientist BJ Fogg has done a lot of research on what he calls Tiny Habits. The theory is that smaller habits are much easier to embrace than epic ones. By integrating small, healthy or productive activities into your daily routine, you can steadily build big results.

The key to creating effective Tiny Habits is finding the sweet spot between your motivation, abilities and triggers. With these three elements working in harmony, building Tiny Habits can seem effortless.

Ability: If your goal is beyond your current skill set it will be hard to build momentum. Try breaking down your goals into easier steps to keep moving forward. Or, maybe the first step toward a goal is starting to learn a skill that can help you get there.

Motivation: Remember, motivation isn’t an unlimited resource. Being overly ambitious can quickly burn you out, so be patient and focus on progress, not perfection. Do what you can, but do something. This will keep you moving toward your goals.

Trigger: Anchor your new Tiny Habits in existing routines. If you’re working on getting fit and commercial breaks during your TV time usually send you to the fridge for a snack, change the action. Use every commercial break as a cue to do a quick exercise like jumping jacks, push-ups or planks.