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2018 Archive: Healthy & Resilient You Newsletter

2018 Newsletter Archive

Living with Purpose, One Day at a Time

 Have you ever looked back at the end of a long day, and thought, where did the time go? That you were incredibly busy, but felt like you accomplished little?

Find More Time by Giving Some Away

Have you ever thought about volunteering? There is always a need for service and more helping hands.

Financial Stress – An American Epidemic

According to an American Psychological Association stress survey, Americans view their finances as the most significant stressor in their lives.

Social Media: Keep the Social in and the Stress out

An ironic thing about living in a hyper-connected world is that the technology that connects us can also isolate us if we spend too much time in the cyber world.

The Wonder of A Wandering Mind

Picture this. You’re sitting in a meeting (or class, or presentation), and despite your best intentions to pay attention, your thoughts have wandered off.

Is Social Contagion Running Your Life?

Read the benefits of social interaction without any of the costs of social contagion with these mindfulness techniques.

S.T.O.P. to Keep Relationships Moving

When things are important to us, we tend to be passionate about them. That seems like a no-brainer, sure, but that kind of emotion is often a double-edged sword.

Building a Bridge for Smoother Change

Change is inevitable: it’s what makes life exciting, and personal growth possible. But if that’s the case, why is change so hard to accept sometimes? The answer could lie in our brains.

Actions are Louder than Words – HRW Newsletter

Body language helps us: Build trust and connection, build stronger relationships, communicate our true feelings, and interpret others’ feelings and intentions.

Conclusion Jumping – HRW Newsletter

Decisions, decisions. On any given day, we make a few dozen to a few hundred decisions—or even more.

Think Before You Open Your Mouth – Healthy & Resilient You

When you think of stress eating, what comes to mind? It’s probably not going to town on three bags of romaine lettuce, right?

The Gift of a Debt Free Holiday – Healthy & Resilient You

No matter how we spend the holidays, we can all agree that holidays make it easy to spend.

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