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Our Promise to Providers

We are your partner in providing clients with the care and support they need.

At Concern we're dedicated to helping employers and managers achieve their workplace health and productivity goals by fostering resilient employees who thrive in today’s hyper-connected environment. By connecting clients and their employees with qualified, compassionate counselors, like you, we help deliver crucial counseling services where and when needed most.

This helps create happier healthier employees and improve overall well-being and productivity in our clients' companies.

We offer open counseling access so that clients and their employees can easily get the professional assistance they need. When they call us, we answer, working together to create a reassuring and resilient workplace.

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Our Services at a Glance

Useful tools and resources to help you uplift and educate your Concern clients


Licensed, experienced professionals—like yourself—provide confidential, compassionate counseling to employees in need.
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Life Balance

Resources that help prepare for life's expected and unexpected events
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Resilience Tools

Personal growth resources to help employees build resilience and wellness
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Organizational Support

Resources for employers and managers to support organizational health, including additional manager-requested counseling for individuals and crisis-response counseling.
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Our online member resource center provides your Concern clients free, secure and centralized access to useful help on a wealth of topics that impact their daily lives, like: Health and Wellness, Caregiving, Legal Guidance, Financial Planning, Family Planning and much more. LifeAdviser offers real tools for real help, right now.

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Resilience Hub™

Our dynamic self-help website is like a virtual mentor who helps your Concern clients thrive during times of stress and change. The Hub is a practical bank of online toolkits and multi-media content focused on common employee-facing issues. It provides common sense tools to help patients build their own resilience strategies and boost their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

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Resources at a Glance

Concern has a broad inventory of content and resources—from webinars, articles, guides and case studies to newsfeeds and downloads. Customized and sortable for each user, all are designed to guide, educate and elevate.
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Answers to Providers' most common questions

​Who/what is Concern?

Concern is a standalone employee wellbeing program, not affiliated with any other health plan or carrier. We offer voluntary, employer sponsored services to employees and their family members who have personal and/or work-related problems. These services include free and confidential assessments, short-term counseling, and follow-up referrals or other resources and services as needed. Our comprehensive support programs include providing personal and immediate support to individuals and their eligible dependents, as well as training management and leadership on methods to improve organizational health, employee well-being, and performance.

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, CA, Concern has served many of the Valley's most iconic companies for over thirty years. We are known for and credit our longevity and success to our compassion, flexibility, and dedication to quality care. Importantly, our nonprofit status enables us to not only put more into program improvement and innovation, but also to provide local services and resources for those who are underserved. Each year we give back an average of $1.5 million to our community.

Concern currently serves over 270 companies and 350,000 employees in high-tech, healthcare, biopharmaceuticals, higher education, and the public sectors, to name a few. Our client organizations include 25% of Silicon Valley Fortune 500 companies.

What makes employee wellbeing counseling different from other types of counseling?

An employee wellbeing provider’s role is unique, requiring the integration of multiple areas of expertise including clinical, consultation, and case management skills. While a counselor’s primary concern will always be the welfare of the client, understanding Concern's role vis-à-vis the organization and the benefits Concern provides to the sponsoring organization is crucial. No matter what the client brings into your office, its impact on the employee at work should always be introduced into the discussion, In many ways as an employee wellbeing provider you will always have two clients – the person(s) in your office and the employer organization providing the service through you.

Our providers educate the client about the employee wellbeing process and complete a thorough assessment of the client’s problem(s) and environment (work and home), with a goal of developing a clear plan to address the problem(s). Making appropriate referrals, and following up with these referrals to ensure they are successful, is a very important aspect of our work, especially if the problem cannot be resolved through short-term counseling within the number of sessions contracted for by the organization.

What makes being a Concern provider different?

Concern is committed to helping employers and employees achieve their health, wellbeing, and productivity goals. Through a highly effective service delivery model that provides open and easy access, we have greater flexibility than managed behavioral health care models that require preauthorization for services or may utilize other restrictive practices. Our providers appreciate that we believe our clients are entitled to their benefits.

The excellence of Concern’s national network of skilled and experienced counselors is also assured by selecting the most experienced counselors for our panel. Approximately 85% of our providers have twelve or more years of clinical experience. Their strong loyalty to Concern is demonstrated by the fact that many have been on our provider panel for ten or more years.

We are proud to report that in our most recent annual survey of provider satisfaction, 74% of Concern providers rated our Commitment to Excellent Service as “excellent”, with an additional 21% as “Very Good”. Our ongoing quality assurance procedures are designed to ensure the excellence of our service and to assist you in your own efforts to provide excellent service. Quality is truly a team effort.

Finally, Concern views our providers as customers. We offer clinical consultation on request, provide access to our robust work-life and web resources at no cost, and provide exceptionally quick turn-around of claims through our Provider Portal and direct-deposit option. We know that if we value you, you will value us and our clients in turn.

Can clients continue with me after their Concern covered visits end?

Concern believes strongly in continuity of care and we do not prohibit our providers from continuing with clients privately by mutual agreement after covered visits have ended. We do ask our providers to respect Concern's goals and the wishes of most clients by prioritizing during initial visits diligent assessment and the development of an effective plan to address the presenting problems in a timely manner.

What services does Concern offer to eligible employees?

In addition to counseling services for employees and their dependents, Concern offers practical information and assistance for managing life events, including

  1. Parenting and Childcare Referrals
  2. Eldercare Resources
  3. Legal Consultations
  4. Financial Coaching

For detailed descriptions of each of these services, please go to our Life Balance Services section.

How do employees access these services?

All services are accessible by calling our toll-free number 800-344-4222. Employees can call anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Employees may also submit an online Request for Services form, or access counseling through Luma our proprietary digital intake and therapeutics platform.

Since the employer pays for the program, is it confidential for clients?

Yes. Concern is a confidential and voluntary program. Employee contact with Concern will not be revealed to anyone, including their employer, without the employee’s knowledge or consent, except where required by law. Legally required exceptions to confidentiality include cases of serious threat of bodily injury to the client or others, or cases of suspected child or elder abuse.

Concern providers are required to follow all of the ethical and legal requirements of being a licensed healthcare provider, and own their own client records.

​Is there an online member resource center for my Concern clients?

Yes. LifeAdviser, is our online member resource center available 24/7 for covered employees and their family members. Members may simply go to and login with a company code provided to the employee by their HR department.

As a counselor, you can access LifeAdviser by clicking on “guide” in the top navigation menu and then clicking the “frequently visited” tab on our website. Once there, click on “Access LifeAdviser” to find a wealth of educational information that includes articles, streaming videos, risk assessments, online trainings for personal and professional development, and much more. Concern encourages counselors to direct their clients to these resources as part of counseling and treatment.

Employees who need help with parenting, elder care support, legal, financial or other issues can, call Concern’s toll-free number 800-344-4222, to be assisted by a referral specialist. Callers are then transferred immediately to a consultant who can help you with questions.

​How do clients schedule counseling appointments?

By calling Concern's toll-free number 800-344-4222. One of our referral specialists will speak with the caller and provide the name, address and telephone number of a nearby Concern counselor.

If callers prefer, we will immediately transfer them to the counselor’s private office, or they may phone the counselor themselves to schedule an appointment.

I am interested in becoming a Concern provider. What do I do?

Please email your name and office location to: We frequently review our recruitment needs across the country and will contact you by email or phone when a need is identified in your area.

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