The Concern Way

Scalable services for employers. Customized, guided solutions for individuals.

Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Wellbeing Solutions

With Concern, employees are a few clicks away from real-world solutions
for emotional and practical challenges.

Concern’s Digital Platform

brings it all together, curating solutions and connecting employees with the right help at the right time.

Counseling Services

provide the right level of care through multiple modes, in-person, phone, video, chat, and text, to ensure fast, convenient access and better outcomes.

Self-help Options

curated digital therapeutics and tools boost resilience whether used independently or in combination with counseling.

Life Balance Resources

offer solutions for legal, financial, and family care challenges, and reducing stress and distraction.

Organizational Support

provides leaders with tailored support and in-depth expert consultation for diversity, equity, and inclusion; suicide prevention; fitness for duty; and more.

Better Outcomes for a Modern Workplace

Today’s workforce represents a full spectrum of age groups, preferences, cultural diversity, and job types. By combining the best of high-tech and high-touch support, we improve access and outcomes for more employees.

  • Tech-Enabled Member Experience
  • Management Consultations and Custom Training
  • Call Center for Personal Service
  • Onsite Crisis Response
  • Digital Therapeutics and Self-Help Tools
  • Immediate Support for Individuals and Organizations
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Raising Awareness and Engagement

Lack of awareness and stigma are the main reasons employees don't seek help. We want employees to know that Concern is a safe place to find solutions and support for all of life's challenges.

Stigma-Reducing Programs

Leadership training, webinars, and peer support programs normalize seeking mental health

Promotional Campaigns

Attention-grabbing materials remind employees that help is a click or call away

This keeps Concern services front-of-mind with employees, driving engagement, and positive impact.