Concern’s Digital Platform

Digital access to services helps employees feel better faster.

Anywhere, Any Time Mental Health Support Built for Busy Lives

Life is complex. Employees often struggle to manage work, personal, and family demands. Getting help shouldn’t add extra stress.

Concern’s powerful and simple-to-use digital platform quickly connects employees to the right care options for whatever they’re experiencing.

Meaningful Technology for Seamless Access

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Concern’s digital platform revolutionizes mental and emotional wellbeing delivery, supporting members at every level of need.

Optimized for phone, tablet, or desktop, our digital platform is intuitive, secure, and effective - delivering private, fast access to all Concern services.

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Members begin with a short intake.

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Our proprietary algorithm then creates personalized recommendations based on the member’s unique needs, and advanced technology matches them to services and providers who offer the right level of support.

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When emotional care is selected, the platform deploys a simple, clinically-validated 5-minute survey to assess the presenting issues.

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Members can choose from multiple counseling access modes like video, phone, text, chat, or in-person and then filter, review, and select from either matched recommendations or a full list of available counselors.

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Our platform also offers members targeted coaching, guided mindfulness resources, and self-help content to help build the skills needed to meet everyday challenges.

These app-based options are effective whether used on their own or in combination with counseling, ensuring members get meaningful help at any level of need.

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Concern’s full Work-Life services suite is accessible through the digital platform as well. Our legal, financial, parenting, and adult care resources help resolve issues that commonly distract people at work, improving both wellbeing and performance.

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After walking through intake and services selection, each member is provided a dynamic, personalized dashboard.

Here, they can review chosen services, access their counselor, track progress, and request additional support when needed.

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Throughout digital platform use, we remind members that immediate, live support is readily available.

Our white glove service, combinines high-tech and high-touch, ensuring more employees get the help they need when they need it.

More than ever, employees want a workplace that cares about their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Concern makes it possible.

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