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Language Assistance Program (LAP)

What is the Language Assistance Program (LAP)?

Certain rights and services are available to members, free of charge. These rights and services apply to language assistance in seeking counseling services.

Who is covered?

Members seeking counseling services through Concern.

What is offered under the LAP?

  • Spoken interpretation is offered for all members and for all languages when you contact us by telephone. We want to be sure you can communicate effectively with Concern.
  • Some Concern counselors are bilingual. We will attempt to locate a bilingual counselor for you if one is not readily available.
  • You may be able to have an interpreter at no cost to talk to your counselor. This service is available even if you have a family member or friend who can interpret when you go to the counselor’s office.
  • You may be able to have written information translated into your language at no cost.
  • These rights do not apply to all languages.

What type of assistance can I expect if I am covered by the LAP?

  • Spoken communication with Concern through an interpreter over the phone
  • Referrals to bilingual providers when possible
  • Spoken communication with your counselor through an interpreter over the phone when necessary
  • Written communication in your language for certain documents
  • Written information posted to the website

How does my health plan meet the CA LAP Standards?


  • conducts an assessment of member language preferences
  • provides language assistance services
  • trains Concern staff on accessing language services
  • monitors compliance with the program
  • educates contracted providers about the LAP
  • makes sure that telephonic interpreters are educated and trained in ethics, confidentiality and behaviors important in working with members from various cultures

What is the effective date of this Program?

January 1, 2009

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